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Top Wedding Venues in Columbus Ohio Area

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Nowadays, a premium ceremony in an exclusive wedding venue is every bride and groom dream. Unfortunately, renting a venue is a hard work especially if the couple is not familiar with the choice of wedding venue in the desired area and the venue is usually making an entry so many couples have to wait for their turn. If you are looking for wedding venues in Columbus Ohio, here are suggestion of the top used wedding venues in the area. The venues range from the glamorous or the budget friendly one.

The Westin Columbus, A Dreamed Premium Wedding Venue

If couple is looking for an exclusive wedding venue with spectacular view and wedding ceremony, one of this the well-known wedding venues in Columbus Ohio area can be chosen. The Westin Columbus is a luxurious hotel with wedding ceremony hall that can hold many people in it. The maximum guests that these places can hold is for 300 guests and 175 for the wedding ceremony hall. Once reserve this place, the wedding package is included with premium beverages and butler to serve the guests. The cost of this place is $8,000 minimum in Friday and Saturday and rises twice if it is held in Saturday night. For Sunday, it will be only $5,000 but will rise to $10,000 in Labor Day and Memorial Day. For catering, the cost of the serving is about $80-90 per person.

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The Columbus Athenaeum, Perfect Place for Classical Wedding

Just by hearing the name we know Columbus Athenaeum will serve a premium wedding ceremony. Columbus Athenaeum is one of famous wedding venues in Columbus Ohio. In this place, a bride and groom can have royal-like wedding. Unlike the first venue that goes all luxury, Columbus Athenaeum gives the classic, old building feel that makes the wedding ceremony feels classic. Columbus Athenaeum has many separate rent free from different room so the bride and groom can choose to use one place alone with ranging price. The Olympian Ballroom costs for $10,000 with rent fee $1,800 while for smaller space they have Small Theatre and Oak Room that cost $6,600 and $5,500. For bigger Theatre room they have it at $7,700. The price include catering for brunch, lunch, and dinner and also special beverage. The smallest capacity of Columbus (Oak Room) is 200 people while for the Olympian Ballroom can hold up to 500 people.

The Budget Friendly and Basic Wedding Venue: The Dawes Arboretum

The Dawes Arboretum is one of moderately cheap wedding venues in Columbus Ohio. It is still have the premium wedding feel while less expensive than the two above. The Dawes Arboretum is suitable for any couple who want to hold their wedding ceremony with medium budget. It can hold 100 people for the inside room and 300 people outside. In this wedding venue, people will be delighted with the greenies scenery of garden with beautiful flower and Dawes house for the house guesting. The price for renting the place range from $600 to $6,500, depend on the location and the service chosen. For the catering, the cost is only about $19,50 to $28,50.

Very Affordable Yet Big Capacity: The Ohio State University Faculty Club

Not having the opportunity to rent those places above or the budget is too tight? This historical building of The Ohio State University Faculty Club can be chosen. Even though it is part of university building, it’s historical view is good for wedding ceremony. The place costs only $2,000 for five hours rent and additional $500 for indoor ceremony in Grand Lounge. With the price, the guests can dance in dancing floor and enjoy dinner in dinner section of the room. Catering cost is not included so the couple can freely choose caterer and the price of beverage is counted for the amount of it only. That is all the top wedding venues in Columbus Ohio.

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