Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC

Wonderful and Popular Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC

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Wedding day is one of biggest day in everyone’s life. Every person surely will have their own wedding dream. To make it become reality, some people are willing to spend much money on it. In arranging a wedding, venue becomes the most important thing that must be prepared first after deciding the wedding date. In Charlotte NC, there are a lot of wedding venues that have beautiful room with wonderful design. To you who want to held a wedding there, here we provide you the list of popular Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC that will make your wedding day perfect!

wedding at Ns Alexander Homestead Charlotte NC

Have a simple and elegant wedding at Ns Alexander Homestead Charlotte NC

Alexander Homestead Wedding Venue is one of people’s favorite venues for their wedding day. If you want a historic Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC, this is the best venue for you! This place offers a simplicity atmosphere of Queen Anne Victorian era in 1903. Here, you can choose to arrange your wedding indoor or outdoor. This venue has a lot of wonderful rooms for your wedding. Start from the gate, you surely will feel as you are in Victorian ear. The venue is designed just like in Victorian era architecture. Alexander Homestead Alexander Homestead has a stunning Carriage House, a private room that has 1.400 square foot that faces to ceremony place and the garden. This place really looks amazing where there are so many old oak trees surrounding the home. Behind the house, you will find a Dairy Barn and Garden Gazebo under the oak trees. If you want to have outdoor ceremony, the Gazebo can be a perfect place for you. Whereas, if you want indoor ceremony, you can choose the Dairy Barn which will make your wedding looks elegant. The entire venue here can accommodate until 225 guests. Do not worry about the parking area! This place provides enough parking area which just steps from the Dairy Barn and Garden Gazebo.

Make an unforgettable wedding day at McGill Rose Garden Charlotte NC

Looking for outdoor Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC? This place can be a great option for you! McGill Rose Garden offers you a vintage wedding theme. This place is surrounded with hundreds varieties of beautiful roses and trees which will make your wedding looks like in a fairytale story. You can host both of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception here with the 100 persons maximum capacity. Besides, McGill Roe Gardens also offers several wedding packages which already include garden, tables, sound system, parking area, and so on.

Get your luxury wedding at The Duke Mansion Wedding

The Duke Mansion is one of luxury Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC. This place has built in 1915 and has 20 luxurious rooms and sleeping porches rooms. Besides wedding ceremony and reception, The Duke Mansion is also used for meeting and other events where it can accommodate up to 150 guests. The wedding food and drinks will be provided by its professional chef and the culinary team. The Duke Mansion offers rooms for outdoor or indoor wedding. For an outdoor wedding, there is a wonderful gardens which surrounded by shady trees. This surely will make your wedding like in a fairy tale! If you want to host a simple wedding, you can use the Ray Dining Room. This room has a simple and elegant design. This can be a perfect option for the wedding ceremony.

Those are several popular Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC. In choosing a wedding venue, there are some things that you must consider first. Make sure that the wedding venue match with your wedding theme. Besides, think carefully about the budget! Choose the wedding venue that match with your wedding budget. Happy arranging your wedding day! Good luck.

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