Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Wedding Souvenir Ideas for Happy Guests

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No one wants to make their wedding guests leave the venue with frowning face. Especially for you who have prepared your wedding optimally, you don’t want to get disappointment from your guests. So, you have to do the best in making them leave your wedding venue smiling and feel as happy as you are. Wedding souvenirs can be your solution in giving something that can be remembered by your wedding guests.

Unique Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Unique Wedding Souvenir Ideas

So, what are the unique wedding souvenir ideas that can be used for your wedding day? Here are some things you can try for your big day!

  1. Foods

Foods never fail of being one of the best wedding souvenir ideas. This is simple and you will not get hectic because you can order the foods to caterings or to the bakeries. Indeed, nowadays there are so many bakeries that offer the wedding favor package. You can order small portion of cakes or sweeties for your wedding guests. Choosing edible wedding favors is indeed easy and simple. You can choose the small foods that come in handy like cupcakes. This is also fun if you have many children attending your wedding party with their parents. If you want something sweet but still classy, you can choose the foods like macaroon. Macaroon can be made colorful and in various taste. Besides of simple and will not waste your time, the foods can make your guests happy!

  1. Stationery

Although not every guest is a lover of unique stationery, you have to give a go for stationery for your wedding favor. This wedding souvenir ideas can be in the form of block notes made from recycled paper. You can also give them wooden pencil in vintage style. Especially if you are a bookworm, you can choose personalized wedding favors like pencils or bookmarks. If you don’t want to make it too common and expressing your wedding so much, you can choose some designs for it. For example, you will find it cute to choose the bookmarks in the shape of flower bouquet. You can also get unique stationeries like pencil holders for your guests.

  1. Homemade skincare

Although this will be more complicated than buying or ordering the wedding souvenir ideas, you should choose this if you want to give something to remember. There are some recipes of homemade wedding favor ideas, especially for the homemade skincare. Lip balm is something which is easy to make in big number. This is recommended and only recommended if you have spare time in preparing your wedding. As it is looked complicated and will consume your time, you have to prepare a special time for making your own wedding favors.

  1. Perfume

Nowadays, there are many perfumes which are packed in small packaging. The packaging is usually so unique and cute. Some brands are even giving them the special box, which will make your souvenir preparation less hectic. You will only need to give personalized touch it is box. The perfume can be perfect wedding souvenir ideas for you who want to have elegant wedding favors.

Almost all of brides to be are looking for the best favor that will make people remember about her magical wedding. But, not everyone is ready for spending lots of money for the souvenirs. The key is to make sure that your souvenir is cheaper. To get them, you can choose the wholesale buying. This is more affordable than if you make your own wedding souvenir. Although it is not made by yourself, you can still have the souvenirs chosen by you, which makes it more personalized as suitable as you wished.

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