Wedding Send Off Ideas

8 Wonderful Wedding Send Off Ideas

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A wedding certainly becomes a wonderful moment which is much awaited for every couple. Because wedding is only done once in a lifetime, most people commonly celebrate their wedding party becomes one unforgettable moment. In making their wedding dream become a reality, some people are willing to hire a wedding organizer to arrange their wedding. In a wedding, there are some important ceremonies that become wonderful moment. Wedding send off or also known as wedding exit is one of important moment in a wedding.

Inspiring Wedding Send Off Ideas

Inspiring Wedding Send Off Ideas

Wedding send off is commonly done between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, but some people also did this after the reception. Wedding send off is a moment where the bride and the groom left the church or the reception venue. There will be some guests who throw rice or flower to the wedding couple as they walk out of the church or reception venue. However, to make the wedding send becomes more wonderful, some couple commonly change the traditional rice or the flowers into something unique, such as sparklers, bubbles, and others. Here are some unique wedding send off ideas to make your wedding become more spectacular.

  1. Sparklers

Wedding send off sparklers can be a great choice if you are bored with those traditional flowers and rice. You can ask your wedding organizer or some of your friends to make the guest gathering together in line outside the exit venue with some sparklers. You can pick sparklers with 18” to 24” which can be durable and safe for the guest.

  1. Glow Stick

If sparklers may be too dangerous for the guest, glow stick wedding send off can be another best choice. Using glow stick as your wedding send off can be a fun way to do. Besides, the glow stick also can be handed out by the guests as the bride and the groom dance.

  1. Bubbles

If you want fun wedding send of ideas, you can choose wedding send off bubbles. This idea is very fun and can be enjoyable for all ages! You can ask some children to blow the bubbles as the bride and the groom exit from the church. Using bubble as the wedding send off also can look wonderful in picture.

  1. Butterfly or Bird Release

Releasing butterfly or bird can be a great way to end your wedding off. Even, some regions make bird releasing as the traditional ceremony. People say that releasing butterfly or bird symbolizes a new beginning and a new life.

  1. Lanterns

Lanterns certainly become a great stuff in wedding send off at night. It can make your wedding exit can be so romantic and spectacular. To make it become more wonderful, you can ask the guest to write the wishes for your marriage on the lantern before they send it off to the sky. Besides creating a romantic moment, this also creates a wonderful sight on the sky. However, this wedding off ideas only perfect to do at night.

  1. Balloon

If the lantern wedding off is too difficult to do, you may change it with balloon. Besides, balloon is really easy to be found, it is also can be done in any time. Just like the lanterns, releasing balloons together also can create a wonderful and impressive sight in the sky. You can personalize the color of balloons like the wedding colors, or you can mix all colors of the balloons to make it looks colorful at the sky.

  1. Pom Poms

Pom poms can be a unique stuff for your wedding send off. Using pom poms with different colors can create a wonderful wedding send off. The colorful pom poms also will look great in photo shoot. Pom poms also can be a great choice for you who have limited budget.  You can ask your friends to help you make pom poms before your wedding day.

  1. Lavender

If you want your wedding send off still has traditional taste but in unique way, you may change the common flowers with lavender. Traditionally, lavender is a symbol of love and loyalty. By using lavender, it will give a really good smell as you walk out on your wedding send off.

So, those are some creative wedding send off ideas.  Before deciding what stuffs that you will use as the wedding send off, make sure first your venue allow you to use it.

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