Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Creative and Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

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Planning a wedding sometimes becomes a tough and difficult things. There are a lot of wedding needs that must be prepared well such as wedding decoration, ceremony, dinner, reception, venue, and others. Wedding decoration sometimes becomes the toughest one. Why? Here, we must to pick a lot of things like the best theme for our wedding, the accessories, the venue, and others. In making their wedding looks different than others, some people sometimes decorate their wedding venue uniquely. They choose unique decoration stuff, flowers, or even unique displays. Wedding seating chart is one common thing that will be displayed in wedding reception. People sometimes will get confused to choose the best seating chart for their wedding. Therefore, we provide you some unique wedding seating chart ideas for you. Check this out!

Wedding Origami Paper

  • Paper Cranes / Origami Paper

Paper cranes or origami paper is one of unique diy wedding seating chart. This would be perfect for you who are bored with common seating chart. You can make paper into birds, ship, or others an then put the guests name on it. To make this unique seating chart, you may ask some help from your friends because it will take longer time to make it.

  • Flower vase

Do you like romantic wedding seating chart display ideas? If you want something romantic, use some flower vase for the wedding seating chart. Write your guests names on a paper, and then place it in the vas. If you do not have many flower vases, or you want to minimize the budget, you can change it into bottles. Do not forget to put a flower in each vase. Roses, sun flowers, or tulips can be the perfect choice!

  • Chalkboard

Chalkboard is usually used as classroom seating chart ideas. However, nowadays many people have used it as wedding seating chart on their wedding. This kind of wedding seating chart is actually very common used by people. Chalkboard is not only easy to find, but it is also cheap than other seating charts. So, for you who do not want to get confused searching for wedding seating chart, this is the best choice for you! In using it as wedding seating chart, you can choose colorful chalks to write the guests name. Write it in classic font to make it more eye-catching. To make it looks greater; use some decorations such as ribbon, flower, or other decorations on the corner of the chalkboard.

  • Hanging Cards

Just like the chalkboard, hanging card frequently used as seating chart by many people these days. Besides it is simple, hanging cards are also easy to be prepared and do not need much time to make. As like many people, you can use a frame picture and a rope fro hanging the cards. Decorate the frame as beautiful as possible. You can choose flowers, ribbon, or other accessories in decorating it. However, if you want to make it become more unique, you can choose other things to hang the cards, such as tree, balloon, or ribbon. For the cards itself, you can download the seating chart wedding template for your card free from some websites. There are a lot of websites which offers various templates for wedding seating chart.

  • Posters

Recently, people prefer use wedding seating chart poster on their wedding reception. Not only simple, this kind of seating chart is also easy to get and make. There are also a lot of websites which offers seating chart poster templates. So, you can edit it online then download it. Besides, you are also no need to spend much money for this.

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