wedding gift ideas for bride and groom from friends

Best and Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride

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Wedding is a special occasion for couple and it may as well be the one and only event where two people speak out their vow and set off a marriage. As a friend, it will be a good idea to give the bride and groom something special that is memorable and has meaning in it as a sign for a new beginning for the couple. Here are some wedding gift ideas for bride that any friends can give to the newly-wed couple. These ones are not just the ordinary household stuffs but something more than that. Let’s check them out.

  1. Frames with Chronological Pictures and Wishes for The Newly Wed Couple

Nothing more touching than one of these special wedding gifts ideas for bride and groom; frames that are filled with pictures of the couple from time to time. These pictures will show their relationship journey and how they finally are able to speak their vows in their wedding. This shows positivity of their struggle to maintain relationship and any couple would feel grateful that they have friends that remember them as a couple. This is definitely one of the best wedding gift ideas for bride and groom from friends. To have this kind of gift, the frames can be purchased from stores or if there is a store where customer can pre-order frame with special design, it will be even more exclusive. After that, print some pictures and sort them in chronological order. Add ribbon to further beautify the gift.

  1. Perfume with Signature Scent

After the wedding it is likely the bride and the groom will extend their sweet moments for setting of somewhere for their honeymoon. Let their moments be sweeter with some good spell of smell. A perfume with signature scent that only the couple will have is  one of the special wedding gift ideas for bride and groom. Pick an exclusive scent from an exclusive perfume brand or get a perfume mix from a perfume store in which only made for one and only edition. This exclusiveness will make the gift a special and memorable one. In addition, to make the gift even more special is to make the perfume bottle crafted with their initials, but then this is only an optional if it may cost too much and out of the budget.

  1. Couple Bathroom Robes

While the bride and groom will set off for their honeymoon after the wedding ceremony, you can create a lasting impression by giving them personal stuffs will mark them as the special couple of the moment. A cute pair of bathroom robes that match the size of both the bride and groom will be the sweet wedding gift ideas for bride and groom from friends. However, keep it in mind that their new status as married couple may make the choice of the bathroom robes more limited. Surely something too flashy is not sweet wise unless both persons love such style. Choose a soft hue of bathroom robes and flowery lining will do well though it is not compulsory. This will be both cute and sweet wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

  1. GoPro to Capture Every Sweet Moments

GoPro camera may seem dull compared to the other three gifts above. However, its usefulness is more than wedding gift ideas for bride and groom from friends can give. A compact GoPro camera will be a useful gadget for them to capture every sweet moments for their new beginning. Since GoPro is flexible to carry even under the water, it will be a great help for the couple who want to record their happy moments together. Pack it up in a neat and cute wrapping and they will be very thankful of it. These are the recommendation of the best and special wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

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