Best Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

The Best Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

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There are so many things you have to prepare when you want to hold a wedding party. One thing that you should consider the most is about how you can create such an amazing wedding ceremony with the right music. So, choosing wedding ceremony music ideas can be really recommended for you. Indeed, the wedding music can be a great solution if you want to build a particular impression of beautiful, sacred wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Music Theme

Things to Consider Before You Choose the Wedding Ceremony Music Theme

Therefore, there are some choices of wedding music that can be your considerations for your big day. Here they are.


  1. For the processional, you can choose some songs. The first wedding ceremony music ideas is the Bridal Chorus, which is also popular with the title of Here Comes the Bride. This music has been popular among many brides around the world. Although it is involved as the traditional music, this can be a great choice for you who want to keep it simple, traditional but still sacred.
  2. Who says that popular, modern song cannot be beautiful for your wedding procession? For your considerations, you can choose A Thousand Years instrumental in piano or Glasgow Love Theme. These two songs have great, beautiful rhythm that will build up a romantic impression in your wedding procession. These movies soundtracks are also popular, familiar in your guests’ ears. So, why don’t you choose this as your wedding ceremony music ideas?
  3. The movie soundtracks can also be great, although the soundtracks are taken from the cartoon or fantasy movies. For example is if you choose the instrumentals of I See the Light from Tangled or Some Where over the Rainbow. These songs are ultimate fairytale wedding songs that will bring happiness and warmth in the guests’ hearts. Put this in your list of bride entrance songs!


  1. There is something different you should consider for your recessional moments. In this case, there are some choices for you. The first is Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. This is classic, beautiful and will bring joy to your wedding venue. A perfect suit with the Here Comes the Bride as the processional wedding ceremony music ideas.
  2. Do you want to bring more dramas in your wedding ceremony? Wedding March from Mendelssohn can be your solution. A perfect choice for traditional wedding, the music which is played on the best grand organ will help you bring out the traditional impression which is comfortable and cozy for your guests. The music will also bring harmony in your wedding ceremony.
  3. The First Day of My Life can also be your choice when you want to break the traditional wedding music choices. The song is beautiful and can be your choice to replace common wedding recessional songs. This is also a great choice as you want to improve a new impression, getting the best modern song that will give warmth towards the ones who attend your ceremony.
  4. One of the most used music in wedding recession is Now that We Found Love can be your choice. The song from Heavy D and The Boyz can be a good song for your special day. The beautiful rhythm and unique style will make your wedding different and unforgettable. So, this can be your choice for wedding ceremony music ideas!

Choosing the best song for your special day is not easy. You have to deal with what wedding concept you use for your big day and also with the style of your guests. For being safe, choose only songs that are familiar and sweet. Wedding is identic with something sweet. Choose sweet, romantic songs in pop style, since not everyone can deal with something ‘heavier’ like Jazz or even Rock. But, everyone has their own choice of wedding ceremony music ideas. You just have to find the most suitable song for your special big day!

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