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3 Unique Wedding Candy Bar Ideas for Perfect Wedding Day

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Wedding does not always about the traditional kind of wedding. Any couple can choose any theme that suit their personal tastes. A new idea will make the wedding ceremony even fresher and aesthetically pleasing both for the bride and the groom satisfaction as well as the guests positive wonder. One of the unique style that is not common is a candy bar wedding. Candy bar normally held for birthday, but it is not ane exception for wedding. There are some wedding candy bar ideas that can be applied as part of wedding theme as well as wedding decorations.

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Wedding Candy Bar Ideas

  1. Carefully Wrapped Choco Candy Wedding Theme

Chocolate is a sweet that is a most people favourite. Bringing it to wedding is a good idea both for the look and the taste to spoil the guests. One of the arranging wedding candy bar ideas is by wrapping chocolate candy ball in gold wrap and placed them in large bowls or placed some little box and put the chocolate candies in top of the box. The gold wrapping will create a grand feel of the wedding ceremony. However, make sure to only place few tables of it for it may be too overwhelming to have all gold in the wedding room or wedding yard where the ceremony is held.

  1. Sweet Candy Fountain

Another unique and non mainstream wedding candy bar ideas is by creating a candy fountain. Note that this may be a little bit more complicated than just making a buffet of candies. It is recommended to hire decorator to make it. The candy fountain can be in the form of falling liquid chocolate candy that will frost once guest put stick on it that will make it edible or the simpler one is to make a spiral down fountain with marble candy sliding down the fountain that guest can just pick it from the surface of the fountain. For a better maintenance, hire a keeper or servant to serve the sweet treats to the guests. This may take quite a budget but as long as it is affordable, this one of unique wedding candy bar ideas is good to apply.

  1. Sweet and Colorful Candy Buffet

This is probably the simplest form of wedding candy bar ideas, yet one that can be easily modified and turned into a non mainstream candy wedding theme. In arranging candy buffet, it is more flexible to switch kind of candies as well as the shape of the candy cup and bowl. See these wedding candy buffet ideas pictures as some of the candy buffet form in wedding ceremony.

A pink themed candy buffet with flower pattern is a sweet treat for the sweet moments. Pink symbolise love and this one is perfect for the union of two lovebirds in their wedding ceremony. Bowl and cup are good to most of buffet type wedding candy bar style. To arrange this simply put pink marble candy in some glass bowls and cups. Put flower pattern table sheet and some flower arrangement to make it look prettier. A combination of pink and white is a good combo as well.

One of the wedding candy buffet ideas pictures is another example. This one is to bring the ol white wedding in the form of sweets. White cupcakes surrounds white candy fountain and not to forget the white flowers arrangements in the sides of the sweets will make the occasion sweeter than ever.

Candy is the perfect sweets for a special occasion like wedding. Not only it tastes great and the guests surely will enjoy the treats, but the sweet taste of candy represents the hope of every newly-wed couple to have their marriage life as sweet as candy. These are all wedding candy bar ideas that are unique and definitely good for the occasion.

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