Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas for You Best Wedding

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Having a wedding is a dream for every couple. A wedding day should be of the top ten important days in their live. Some people might have a will to commemorate their important day with a big party. However, some others only consider about having a small but warm party to celebrate their wedding. For you who prefer to have such a small wedding ceremony, you might consider and look for some small wedding ceremony ideas that can make your wedding ceremony becomes a great even though it is only a small ceremony. Do you want to know about the ideas?

Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

How to Plan Small Wedding Ceremony

When you decide to have only small wedding party, you have to make that you make it becomes more intimate. Since you already decide to choose a small wedding party for your wedding, make sure that you are planning a small intimate wedding for your guests. Since you might only invite some important peoples in your family rings and friend, you have to make the theme becomes more familiar and cozy.  However, do not forget to prepare the invitation for your guests even though they are the people that close with you. Since it is only a small wedding party, you may only consider some important people like your best friends and your close family members. Then, you have to prepare the invitation for them.

Besides preparing the invitation, you also have to prepare the place for your party. You have to prepare for your small intimate wedding venues, whether you will hold it in your house or another venue that you want. Make sure that the venue is enough for your guests. Do not forget to decorate the venue and since you decide to have a small party for your wedding, you might make the decoration looks simple but great in the same time. So, it will make people comfortable with the design of your wedding venue.

To make your small wedding still look interesting, you have to prepare small event or game that you can play with your guests. Since the guests are only the people who close with you, your interaction with other people might be more natural and intimate. You can prepare the favors or drinks and food that can accompany your guests to chat with each other. So, another thing that you have to prepare is the favors or drinks and foods that you can serve for your guests. This is the part of having a good planning a small intimate wedding.

You also can prepare some live music for your guests so that they will not get boring. Even though it is only a small party, sometimes you still need to prepare the entertaining event to make people comfort with your party. Besides that, you can decide to show a slideshow for your wedding. Then people can see the journey of your relationship with your couple from the beginning until you stand on there, wearing beautiful wedding ring and vow to be forever.

So, you have to pick the best pictures about the important moments about your relationship before you hold your wedding ceremony. Then, prepare the best template for your slideshow to make your slideshow becomes more interesting. Those all the important things you have to prepare for your small wedding ceremony. You might only choose several important things from the list since you might only need several event and preparation only for you small wedding. That is all the information that I can give for you about the best small wedding ceremony ideas. Do not prepare the best wedding idea for your wedding.

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