Reddit Wedding Planning Under $5000

Reddit Wedding Planning Under $5000

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We grew up with Walt Disney’s fairy tale, then it’s very natural to dream big about our own fairy tale wedding. For us who doesn’t have a lot of money, fairy tale wedding may seem impossible. Bit don’t worry, nobody had to worry about having a wedding in a tight wedding budget so you can have your own fairy tale wedding. In the real world, many of us are provoked with the desire of holding a glamorous wedding. You can follow Reddit wedding planning so you can have a fairy tale wedding on a budget. But, can there be such a thing for us who dream about fairy tale wedding on a budget? A perfect and stylish wedding with tight budget such as $5000? In short, yes. You can get your own fairy tale wedding with $5000.Reddit Planning A Wedding Bands  Drama Mobile Reddit/R/Wedding Stories Planner Weddingplanning Small Tips.

Wedding under $5000 is totally possible with Reddit wedding planning, even if you planned in a hurry. Let’s face it, even though $5000 isn’t a small amount of cash, but when it comes to wedding, that amount will become small suddenly. There is a common belief saying that there’s no better explanation to splash out. We are really agree that wedding is a very special day, but we also think that you should have some financial stability so you can have a better life with your spouse. It’s ok to have wedding on a small budget.

How to plan a wedding on a small budget

  1. The number of guests

When you planning your wedding and consider that money is the critical element, keep in mind some aspects. The first one is the number of guests. Generally speaking, wedding under $5000 can have up to 50 until persons. But I’s safer to keep the guests somewhere between 30 and 40, or 50 if you insist to have more guests. The good thing about having a small number of guests is that you will get the freedom to choose from a larger variety of wedding venues such as restaurants, bars, discos, and even the backyard of your home!

  1. A DIY approach

Imagination and creativity are the best tools. Don’t worry, when in need, you will discover yourself that you are able to do things which you never thought possible to do even on this time, a tight budget wedding! Maybe you are very doubtful about your drawing skills until you are forced to paint some wedding invitations for your family first. After 50 wedding invitations, you will realize that the results are absolutely astonishing.

  1. Preparing the Flower Placement, Decorations and Tableware

For this aspect, you can design the arrangement of flowers, the tableware and also the venue décor by yourself or with a friend or family. The only thing you need is some creative moments, also you need to be patience. You can find some ideas for designing and decorating on the internet. There are many ideas that you can choose and suitable with your budget.

  1. Help from family and friends

Of course you don’t get help from wedding organizer, but you can get help from your family and friends. From many experience, you will also do this anyway. Because the bride has far more many tasks to do, so automatically she will ask help from her family and friends. When the majority of tasks are fall to just one person’s shoulders, which is the bride, then it can take longer or even more expensive. You can try to avoid that by gleefully accept the help of others. They will also help you sincerely!

With this Reddit wedding planning you can spend $5000 only on your happiest day but still get your own perfect wedding.

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