Oheka Castle Wedding Cost 2017

Wedding Preparation: Oheka Castle Wedding Cost 2017

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Having an unforgettable wedding ceremony is any bride and groom dream. To have this memorable wedding, venue is often chosen as the place to vow couple marriage. Oheka Castle in New York City is listed as the venue with most unforgettable wedding. The Oheka Castle wedding cost may vary depends on the occasion. Before deciding to choose Oheka Castle as the place for wedding ceremony, there are some considerations regarding the budget people need to prepare to get their wedding done in this famous venue. Oheka Castle Average Wedding Cost At How Much Does An Huntington Ny Long Island Cost. Of Per Person Venue.

Oheka Caste Wedding Cost Per Person

The cost for renting is counted each person of the guest. The cost vary and depend on the capacity and age. Since Oheka Castle is a famous wedding venue in Huntington, it is better to reserve it long before the wedding ceremony takes place or the price will get higher in order to not waiting too long on the line. The cost for each person is ranged from $200 to $500. This may sound expensive and indeed it is, but the cost worth the service and Oheka Castle is considered as one of the most luxurious wedding venue in United States. It is the second largest wedding venue that has the capacity of 400 people and has 32 rooms. To cut the price, choose a buyout price for the entire room in Oheka Castle for only $6,500. The Oheka Caste wedding cost 2017 per person more or less is constant.

Oheka Caste Wedding Cost for Entire Rent

The exclusivity of Oheka Castle cannot be doubted again. Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York only hold one wedding per day. It means the groom and the bride can have the entire venue for their wedding to themselves and do not have to hurry. That is why a renting fee is needed, and not only fee for each guest but for the entire location. The cost for location rent is $7,000 to $12,000 fee. The cost vary depends on which part will the couple rent and also the service chosen. To spare the budget, it is recommended to use the service included in the fee alone. However, an additional budget may needed if the bride and the groom want to add some things that are not included in the wedding package.

Oheka Castle Wedding Cost for Additional Service

Oheka Castle charge fee for service that is not included in the wedding package. For example if couple want to hire different florist outside from Oheka Castle or hire music company, Oheka Castle permit it with the requirements that they meet all the Oheka insurance and an approval fee of $500. To upgrade the breakfast banquet, it will cost +$35 plus tax and service. And if the couple or the guests wish for taking their pets with them, for the castle maintenance purpose, a fee is also charged for the couple at $200. The good thing about this is that Oheka Castle is open for any adjustments desired by the couple, the bad news is that it certainly cost many dollars. A luxurious wedding in Oheka Castle is about how much the couple can afford.

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Having a wedding in the most luxurious venue in United States is indeed the best choice a couple would choose. However, you should consider the price and the intricacies of the payment and the service. It is best for the couple to prepare the budget to afford Oheka Caste wedding cost, make appointment early before the wedding and always keep contact with the organizer. Otherwise, do not force to hold wedding in Oheka Castle or search one that is similar to Oheka Castle but with less expensive cost.

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