Couples Wedding Shower Ideas

Couples Wedding Shower Ideas You Should Consider

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Maybe you wonder what couples wedding shower is, it is basically very similar to a common bridal shower which people bring gifts. But sometimes there is a couple who can’t bear to celebrate apart, so they decided to do couples wedding shower. Therefore in couples wedding shower both female and male guests will be in attendance. The trick for this event is to keep the men entertained enough but they are still involved in the process. In order to keep the evening going at a fun, here are some couples wedding shower tips such as item for including the girls and the guys in couples wedding shower and also couples wedding shower ideas.

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  1. The concept

Basically couple wedding shower is like a dinner or cocktail party that it is to a bridal shower. Both female and male relatives and also their close friends are invited. The party still have gift but it is presented to both the bride and the groom. Couples wedding shower can be an afternoon barbeque party at your parents’ house or a cocktail party at your favorite restaurant or bar. In couples wedding shower, there are no rules about planning, just do it according to your preferences.

  1. The Guest List

Because there will be more guest compare to a traditional bridal shower, you have to be clear of people who you want to invite to this party. Make sure that the guest list is ok with couples wedding shower. And make sure that your couples wedding shower themes is appropriate to both female and male guest.

  1. Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Once again, since it is coed wedding shower and when the boys are involved, the rowdiness will be shoot sky-high. Make sure that the female guest know that the wedding shower will includes folks of both genders. So you have to include the information on the wedding shower invitation or you can call the guest and tell them that this won’t just be an afternoon of girl’ day and lingerie giving. When the guest arrive, play a game so everyone can introduced themselves and make everyone say how they know the couple. In playing games, it’s better to put the girls in one team and the men on the other want, so there is no physical contact among them to make everyone feel comfortable.

Couple Wedding Shower Ideas

There are so many fun and entertaining couples shower ideas such as on the list below.

  1. Movie shower

This coed wedding shower is like another Halloween party with no spooky elements where the guest dress up as famous character from movie. You can use formal invitations and don’t forget a disco ball to make the shower fun. Since this is more like a movie party, you can serve them with food and beverages such as popcorn, pizza, coke. You can give an award for the best costume. For couples shower gift ideas can be DVD player, theater tickets, portable television, or popcorn popper.

  1. Sunday shower

Who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch? The shower will be filled with waffles, bagels, western omelets, tea, juice, and also coffee. Throw the gadgets to make the guest involved in Sunday shower. The gift ideas are espresso maker, a waffle iron, a griddle, or a juicer.

  1. Barbeque shower

Having your wedding shower outdoor is great because you can have a barbeque party! Bring the chicken, beef, ribs, baked potatoes, sangria to the table. If the wedding summer is held in summer, you can play sport game such as volleyball. Prepare the music that fit the summer vibe. The guest can wear swimming attire. The gift ideas are a barbecue grill, grilling utensils, or a volleyball set.

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