Country Style Wedding Ideas

Beautiful and Creative Country Style Wedding Ideas

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Wedding is the time for the groom and bride to be united into marriage. Designing the wedding in a way that will mark the day and make every guests impressed with the wedding is also important. There are various themes in which the couple can choose to be their main theme of wedding. One of couple’s favourite themes of wedding is country style. Here are some country style wedding ideas that are not just the conventional style but one that will make the wedding a remarkable day. Check these out.

The first country themed wedding ideas are to think of the most relatable place associated with country life. Then, a wedding in a barn is not a bad idea. It will be a unique place where the wedding will have both the advantage of outdoor wedding and country style wedding ideas to generate from. Try to find an abandoned barn in a country. The rustiness of an abandoned barn gives off nostalgic atmosphere. After that, try to decorate the barn with flowers and other decorations to make the scene prettier. However, pay attention to the hygiene of the barn. Surely any bride wouldn’t want their precious wedding gown get dirt on it. Hire cleaning service if it is necessary. Consider also the location of the barn. Even if it is in a country, choose one that is accessible for your guests to easily find it.

The second country style wedding ideas for creating a country feeling in the wedding party is by creating a small rooftop. This will give off the old style wedding that usually held in country. Old country couple used to this kind of style, this style also has specific meaning in which the rooftop may symbolized a prayer for the couple marriage to be always shielded from harm and bad things. Try to find a white set of mini rooftop. Make sure it is sturdy built to avoid any unexpected accident. Decorate the rooftop with white flowers and greenies if necessary. If it is difficult to find the rooftop, try to ask the wedding organizer whether they have contact for those specialized in it.

Another perfect country themed wedding ideas that will bring the country feeling to the wedding party is by adding green themed fence. An outdoor wedding ceremony would be perfect for this decoration. A white fence decorated with greenies, flower, little pumpkin and some wedding wishes if necessary will make the wedding day a unique and impressive one for the guests. A wooden fence will be even better for the occasion. Country has always been associated with nature closeness as it is far from the bustling city. Therefore, the greenies will be a good idea to bring the nature freshness to the wedding. White fence will also be a good country style wedding ideas generator if by chance, the guests are allowed to leave note by hanging it on the fence to wish good things for the groom and bride.

The last but not the least is some flowers to glorify the wedding. Flowers are one of the traditional and a must decorations country themed wedding ideas. There are two options of flower decoration. It can be either in homogenous style in which only one type and one color of flower is used or the opposite where the wedding yard is full with colorful and blossomed flowers. Mini flower garden is a great idea to beautify the country style wedding. These are some country style wedding ceremony that can be considered for a wedding filled with the nostalgic, rusty country feeling. Some additions may be made especially if it relate to personal taste.

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