Cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 The Movie

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a famous Canadian-American romantic comedy film back in 2002. Over a decade, a sequel of this movie was finally released in March 2016. The year gap may seem a bit too wide but otherwise didn’t stop this movie to be successful. The main cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will also be starred by Nia Vardalos as Fotoula ‘Toula’ Portokalos Miller and Jan Corbet as her husband, Ian Miller. Critiques and film enthusiasts were curious whether this sequel will be a successful one, especially since the first original movie had been considered as successful one with favourable reviews. Nonetheless, the appearance of Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a prove that it was a good one. Aside from the main characters, let’s see the rest of the cast of the movie.

Elena Kampouris Joined The Cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding As Toula and Ian’s Daughter

While the first movie showed us the early marriage life of Toula and Ian, here in the sequel of the movie, it will be natural to see them have child. That is why another character was added and it is Toula and Ian’s daughter, Paris Miller. Paris Miller is played by Elena Kampouris. In the Big Fat Greek Wedding, she will play as Toula and Ian 17 years old daughter. For those who is still unfamiliar with Elena, Elena is an American actress best known for her role in Men, Women, and Children and in American Odyssey. She was born in 1997, means, she is only nineteen when she was casted as Paris. Being the new generation, Paris found her family to be too nosy and controlling and she decided to apply school that is distant from her home. Paris’ yearn for independence leads Toula in distress and strained her marriage with Ian.

The Center of the Story Change Shift for Other Cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

While the Big Fat Greek Wedding centered around Toula and Ian’s romance, in the sequel, the wedding story shifted comically to Toula’s parents, Gus and Maria. Gus and Maria, surprisingly are still played by Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan. Those two also played in the first original movie. The cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is mainly the same with the first movie, much to fans delight to see the nosy Greek family back again. The wedding in the movie now is held for Gus and Maria who are discovered not to be legally married because the priest didn’t sign their marriage certificate. Have been being married for 50 years and then hold a wedding is what makes the comedy in the movie works.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Reception Regarding The Old and New Cast

Seeing the old cast is a good thing. However, the age gap between the sequel may seems this story is a bit withery compared to the first one. In 2002, a family movie was a boom and the first movie also featured more young love between Toula and Ian. However, the sequel didn’t gain profit as much as the first one and it could be because of the lack of young cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The addition of Paris is a fresh idea, yet her love life isn’t highlighted that much and Toula and Ian’s story is kind of forced to match so they will not slide down to just supporting character. People’s interest change and the whole nosy family thing may not be as relatable back when it was in 2002. Nonetheless, it is still a room recommended movie to watch.

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