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Amazing Victorian Wedding Ideas And Styles that Blow Your Mind

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A Victorian wedding style is about grace, class, and call of romantic and also elegant gestures. If you want to have a wedding with lots of lace on your wedding dress, fine floral china, and sweet-smelling rosebuds, then you should have a Victorian wedding! Victorian wedding is delightful, creative and also refined. Queen Victoria is the one who set the trends for white wedding dress and white floral arrangements. You have to start considering things like corsets, lace hankies, petticoats, and cupid cake toppers if you want to pull off a celebration which is romantic and elegant. Here’s the guide for Victoria wedding ideas.

  1. The invitation

Make sure that your invitations fit the theme because it will set the stage to the whole day. In the 19th century, the announcements are hand-delivered but you don’t have to do this, you can create a homemade invitation. What will Victorian invitation style look like? Your invitation should be written on ivory or white paper with calligraphed envelope. Victorian wedding ideas for the invitation can be using a Victorian lettering and stamping the invitation with vintage-looking stamp. Finally, give the last touch in your invitation using some decorative such as floral patterns, ribbons, monogram, ribbon, doves, or even bows.

  1. The Setting

Victorian wedding decoration is very peculiar. There are many movies which set in Victorian era and you can use them as your references. If you watch those movies you will see that Victorians loves fountains and statues. The focal point which is very appropriate as Victorian wedding ideas, are botanical garden, roses, and manicured lawns. Usually, Victorian tea party is held in the gardens of their family’s home so you can use your backyard as your wedding venue. Create a charming and casual scene in a backyard with willow trees and large oak featuring picnic blankets spread over the lawn and tables spread with tea sets. If you choose a ballroom as your wedding venue, choose one which have Victorian color palettes such as pink, gold, green, blue, burgundy, and copper. Other antique furniture which have 19th century Italian style such as floral fabrics and Persian carpets can be used for decoration.

  1. The clothes

Clothes are the most interesting idea in Victorian wedding ideas. Gowns in Victorian era were luxurious. Laces, layers of ruffles, and accessories are very essential in Victorian gown. The white color become the traditional color for wedding dress since Queen Victoria’s wedding. The female clothes is hourglass-shaped wedding dress. Victorian women were forced to wear corsets to get the ideal shape but you don’t have to wear corset if you will feel uncomfortable. In 1850 which is the start of Victoria era, women wore gowns with small waists, fitted corsets, and full skirts. Forty years later, Victorian wedding dresses were made of tulle, silk, lace, linen, organdy, and even cashmere. The dresses has transformed from puffy sleeves to fitted sleeves. Accessories of this era are white gloves made of leather, silk stockings, embroidered handkerchief, and brocade heels.

As for Victorian gentleman’s formal clothing consist of waistcoat, cutaway coat, frockcoat, ascot ties, cravat, and trousers. In a 1994 movie Four Weddings and Funeral, Hugh Grant wears gray morning coat, waistcoat, pinstriped trousers, ascot lie, and top hat. His style is very suitable for Victorian era.

  1. The flowers

Rose is the standard Victorian flower but you can evoke similar romantic emotions with tulips, pansies, stephanotis, and hyacinths. The bridal bouquet should feature bloom which is a symbol of fruitfulness. The Victorians always put orange blossom in the bouquet because it symbolize purity, chastity, and the bearing of many children.

That’s several Victorian wedding ideas.

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