Alexa Vega Wedding Concept

Alexa Vega Wedding Concept: A Romantic Mexico Wedding

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Rather than classy, having a simple, fun, and memorable wedding concept is one of your dreams? Maybe you need to take a look at Alexa Vega wedding below which tough simple yet looks very romantic. Alexa Vega And Carlos Wedding Pena Pictures Nikki Reed Photos Ring Bearer Dress Date 2014 South Dakota Penavega Jr Movie Video

A Brief: About Alexa Vega

Do you remember Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids? Now, the girl has been turned into a beautiful bride. Yes, she is Alexa Vega, an American actress and singer with dozens of projects on screen. She once married with a film producer, Sean Covel, in 2010, but divorced after 2 years married life in 2012. Yet, we are not going to talk about Alexa Vega first wedding, but about her second romantic wedding with an actor and singer, Carlos Pena Jr. in 2014. Last year, this couple even has their first baby.

Take a Look at the Wedding Procession

Here is a wedding concept with celebrity bride guide Alexa Vega that can be your wedding inspirations in the future. Take a look!

Check Their Wedding Venue

Alexa Vega wedding venue was held at Grand Velas in Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Instead doing the wedding reception inside a building, they decide to do beachside soiree. The nature of the blue sea is one of the attractiveness to be the venue of wedding ceremony. The couple might want to avoid the common classy wedding concept, instead having a fun wedding reception. The couple only invited their 18-close friends as 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen, and also their family members. It’s a private wedding party!

Vega’s Elegant Wedding Dress

After checking the venue, let’s see Alexa Vega wedding dress which caught everyone attention. On the wedding ceremony, she was look stunning as walking down the aisle with simple yet elegant ivory satin halter gownto match her yellow diamond bauble. Her gown was designed by fashion designer, Eduardo Lucero. She was also skipping the formal veil yet using white flower crown on top. Her overall looks was perfect for beachside affair. Meanwhile, Pena looked casual by only wore a white shirt with khakis that matching with his grooms men. For the wedding reception, Vega then changed her dress into Gold Hawk white silk lingerie dress.

The Most Fun Wedding Ever

One of the guests even tweeted that the Alexa Vega wedding is one of the most fun wedding ever. So, how the party went on? The party started at the noon before the sun set, the best moment to be captured with the beach as a backdrop right when they changing vows. After the solemn wedding ceremony, the couple holds each other hands and cut their three-tier wedding cake together. The formal ceremony only stopped right there, the latter is about party time when the sky became darker.

There was even the time when the groom bites off her bride’s garter to show off their intimacy. Don’t forget about the toss-up bouquet to the next lucky bridesmaids. Then, the groomsmen also showed off their strength to toss up the bride in the air on this special day. Not only the bridegroom who dance on the floor, but also all the guests walked down to party like a rock star. They spent the whole night with a glass of beer on the hand. You can imagine how fun the party was, no one feel left out, isn’t it?

Sure, wedding ceremony is the most romantic occasion which everyone wants to make it as memorable as they can. But, instead of spending time in classy mood, you might prefer fun something simple, fun, and unforgettable with your closest friends and family. That’s why, you can try to follow Alexa Vega wedding concept above.

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