25th wedding anniversary party ideas

25th wedding anniversary party ideas with limited budget

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Are you confused in arranging your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary? Do you need wonderful 25th wedding anniversary party ideas for parents? Celebrating wedding anniversary certainly becomes a cheerful and blessed moment for every couple. A 25th wedding anniversary, or also known as silver anniversary, is a moment which becomes the achievement of their marriage life. Therefore, to express their gratitude, some people commonly celebrate the wedding anniversary with their relatives, close friends, and others. In celebrating wedding anniversary, most people sometimes hire a party planner to organize the party. They mostly celebrate it in luxury way. However, for you who have a limited budget but still want celebrate wedding anniversary party, you can still celebrate it on a budget.

Here are some 25th wedding anniversary party ideas on a budget!

romantic 25th wedding anniversary party

What to do for 25th wedding party anniversary?

Before celebrating the party, the first thing that you need to do is planning the 25th wedding party anniversary well. Make sure you consider all the things in detail such as the invitation, venue, food, entertainments, and so forth.

1. Invitation

The first thing that you must consider in planning 25th wedding party anniversary is the invitation. Make the guest list first before sending the invitation. If you want minimize your budget, make the RSVP’s invitations in order to make sure the number of the guests. Also, you can design your invitation online using some websites who offers free wedding invitation designs. After that, send the invitation online to the guests through the email or social media. To make your wedding invitation more unique, you can put the couple’s picture on their first wedding and now. Do not forget to put your date, name, place and other information on your wedding invitation!

2. Venue

If you want has romantic 25th wedding anniversary party, you may choose the same venue as the venue of your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Otherwise, you can choose your memorable place such as your first date location or the wedding proposal location. Yet, if you want to minimize the budget, you can use your backyard, and then decorate it with some decorations.

3. Room Decoration

The 25th wedding anniversary is much related with the silver color. Add some silver decoration to the venue, such as silver balloons, silver ribbons, and others. Also, put some memorable picture of the couple on every corner of the venue. For welcoming the guest, you may put a big picture of the couple outside the party area or you can make a banner, and then hang it there. To make the wedding anniversary become an unforgettable moment, make a sign in board for the guest. Make a sign in board with silver decoration, and put it near the door. Let the guest leave their wish for the wedding anniversary for the couple first before entering the party room.

4. Table Decoration

For the table decoration, set some table covered with white linens. Give some decoration with silver ribbons. Put some candles and flowers in the table. To make it more silver, you may put some silver confetti on the table.

5. Theme

An important thing in hosting a party is deciding one theme. You can pick your 25th wedding anniversary party theme based on the couple’s memorable moments. Choose one favorite moment to bring the memories back.

6. Food

One important thing in the wedding party is food. For the food menu, you may choose the couple’s favorite foods. For the drinks, you can buy some great cocktails or champagne for the toast to celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary.

7. Entertainment

To entertain the guests, you must consider your 25th wedding anniversary party activities. Hire a live music or band for the entertainment if you have exceeded budget. However, to limit the budget, you can prepare DVD player, sound, TV, and microphone for the mini karaoke. Do not forget to prepare some DVD of romantic music too.  You can play the couple’s favorite song, and then let them dance along with romantic songs to celebrate their silver marriage. Besides, to make the party become fun, play some games in party. There are a lot of 25th wedding anniversary party games which can be played. You can make a quiz by giving lists of question of couple’s memorable moments.

Twenty five years certainly becomes the long journey for the marriage life. Therefore, it is really worth to celebrate. Enjoy planning your silver wedding anniversary party, and make it into a spectacular one!

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